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Corporate Governance and Senior Management

Management team

In addition to the president and CEO, the management team also includes five vice-presidents and a corporate secretary. Together, the members of the management team ensure the operational management of the organization.

Gaëtan Gagné, C.D., LLIF, C. Dir. ASC

President and CEO

Gaëtan Gagné

Marc-André Bédard

Vice-President - Information Technology

Marc-André Bédard

François Bilodeau, CPA, CA

Vice President - Finances

François Bilodeau

Sophie Lefrançois, ASC, C. Dir.

Lawyer, Corporate Secretary and Compliance

Sophie Lefrançois

Daniel Perreault, eng., IAP

Vice President - Infrastructure

Daniel Perreault

Serge St-Laurent, M.Sc., IAP

Vice President - Operations

Serge St-Laurent

Bernard Thiboutot, BBA

Vice President - Marketing and Development

Bernard Thiboutot


In 2012 the board tasked management with revising and rewriting its general bylaws. The new administrative bylaws reflect the latest best practices for governance and are intended to increase the business’s agility. They received ministerial approval on May 28, 2013.

The president and CEO is responsible for defining and implementing the organization’s strategic orientations, objectives, and fundamental values. Strategic orientations are based on operating as an economic entity so as to maximize value for partners (levels of government) and stakeholders (customers, employees, general public). Reporting directly to board of directors, the president and CEO is also in charge of the financial performance of the overall operations and business, including revenues and expenses, financial statements, and monitoring of the chief indicators of customer value.

The president and CEO is assisted by the vice-presidents of operations, marketing and development, information technology, finance, and infrastructures.

Board of Directors

Company management is assumed by the Board of Directors of the Aéroport de Québec inc. (AQi) which sets guidelines and monitors their implementation. The board is composed of not less than 13 members and not more than 15, and together they represent the regional business community.

Members bring a wide variety of expertise to the board from air transportation, aviation, business, trade, finance, administration, law, management, engineering, and labor organization, to consumer advocacy.

Combining members' expertise and putting forward their complementary range of skills, they give the organization the necessary momentum to accomplish its mission and vision: to become one of the ten busiest airports in Canada by 2020.

Members of the Board of Directors as at March 11, 2019

Jean-Claude Labbé

M. Jean-Claude Labbé

Sophie Lefrançois

Lawyer, ASC, C. Dir.

Mme Sophie Lefrançois

France Bilodeau

FICA, CFA, ASC, actuary

France Bilodeau

Gilles Filiatreault

Gilles Filiatrault

André Fortin

CPA, CA, ASC, Lawyer

André Fortin

Gaëtan Gagné

C.D., LLIF, C. Dir, ASC

M. Gaëtan Gagné

Lise Lapierre


Mme Lise Lapierre

Liliane Laverdière


Mme Liliane Laverdière

Maxime Laviolette


Maxime Laviolette

Jean-Guy Paquet

C.C., G.O.Q., ASC, Eng.

M. Jean-Guy Paquet

Thom Skinner


Thom Skinner

Louis Têtu


M. Louis Têtu

Denis Therrien


M. Denis Therrien


Aéroport de Québec inc. has four committees whose purpose is to ensure that the organization meets its legal obligations and fulfills the daily management of its operations in the best way possible. These committees act in compliance with the decisions of the Board of Directors.

1. Nominating, Governance and Human Resources Committee

2. Audit Committee

3. Risk Management Committee

4. Planning and Development Committee

The Board of Directors also has the support of the Community Advisory Committee which helps advance various issues in order to improve air transportation services and infrastructures at the airport.